• Dr. J


    Dear eSchool Community: 


    It is with much excitement that I write this letter of introduction as the new principal of eSchool. 


    It is an honor and a privilege to be chosen to lead and launch this virtual learning initiative for the Richmond County School System.   


    My vision for eSchool is reflective of the Richmond County School System’s mission, which strives to provide equitable education for all students to prepare them for life beyond the classroom.  For eSchool to fulfill this calling, I recognize the need for collaboration with the entire Augusta community.  This community includes our students, parents, families, educators, places of worship, and community organizations.  Within my first few days, I have had the pleasure of receiving congratulations, well wishes, and offers of assistance from many parents and community members.  


    I understand how critical the success of eSchool is to the many families that embraced virtual learning. My administration and I intend to work diligently with the community to meet the needs of our students.  A top priority for my administration is to ensure eSchool remains a sustainable learning environment and choice program for years to come.  eSchool has a staff of 25 educational professionals dedicated to offering students a personalized and meaningful education. In addition to providing quality learning experiences, we will prepare students for online learning in colleges, universities, the military, and the workforce. All avenues of post-secondary options available to today’s high school graduates involve online learning and collaboration. The trends are clear—online learning is expanding exponentially. I am proud that the Richmond County School System offers students a well-rounded preparation for their futures.  


    I pledge to support our students and parents throughout their educational journeys. I wish everyone a successful and fulfilling school year. 





    Dr. Kierstin L. Johnson