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    Thank you for visiting my page.  I am so proud to be among the hardworking and dedicated staff here at Gracewood.  Our family of educators consistently strives for excellence and student achievement.  The job is tough, but the reward is beyond measure.  I am very gracious to my Gracewood family for allowing me to serve as Instuctional Coach.  Through this role, I am committed to helping my co-workers attain the  best possible outcomes for their students while facilitating their own professional growth.  I am committed to this partnership because I believe in the vision of our school system.  Through strong support systems, relationships, and trust we can achieve the unachievable.  Gracewood's success can only be measured by the success of the entire team.  It is my goal to help teachers to polish their craft.  I will not be satisfied until we all shine.  

  • Dana Craft
    Email: CraftDa@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us