• "Oh, The Places You Can Go!"  Dr. Sesus Welcome to 10th Grade Literature/ Comp. I look forward to working with you this year. In this class we will read, write, discuss, and listen. We will share ideas and toss out our opinions, question and debate topics, tolerate and appreciate differences, make mistakes as well as make discoveries. Simply stated… we will communicate and learn! It is my expectation that you actively participate in all phases of the class – attendance, discussions, and assignments. Please come to class on time, prepared with proper materials, completed work, well rested, and an empty bladder. 

    There are four guiding norms in my classroom: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Prepared, and Be Positively Productive. This consist of coming to class prepared with needed materials and completed work, actively participating in class, having a positive attitude, and allowing yourself and others to make errors and to share viewpoints openly and safely. As high school students, the choices you make during these next few years will determine the opportunities available after graduation. Whether you choose to further your education or fulltime employment, the work ethics and social skills acquired while completing class assignments will open or close many doors. Therefore;utilizing these four norms shall provide the foundation for future success.

    Let's make it GREAT 2020-2021 School Year!





    “SOMETIMES, IT FALLS UPON A GENERATION TO BE GREAT. YOU CAN BE THAT GREAT GENERATION. LET YOUR GREATNESS BLOSSOM.”                                                                     

                                                   NELSON MANDELA

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