Welcome to 2021 -2022 School Year!

    My name is Annettea Mills (Millie) and I have been a Paraeducator in Richmond County for over 30 years. I love my JOB! I am committed to being a part of the educational team working closely with my teachers through collaboration and support daily at DLE! I hope to impact my students a love for learning that they should always pursue and enjoy. Instilling a desire to learn about themselves and the world around them is worth achievement and honor. I have a passion for students' education and being a Pareducator is an incredible Journey. Each year I have learned more as an individual refelecting on my daily experiences with students, parents, staff and faculty.Each year brings new experiences to enhance and lead in the coming year. 

    Welcome to the Horticulture/Agricuture Lab! Where gardening is FUN!

    "A Garden is a Grand Teacher."

    This is where students use there learned gardening skills to ehnhance their learning experience in today's world. I am aiming to strengthen our students' understanding by intergrating the gardening world and all of the experences and more into their classroom goals daily at DLE!!!

    This year our Lab is EXCITED to add a new addition Horticulture/Agriculture which is a course for the DLE students to explore gardening, , garden prepartation, garden tools, seeds and soil and much more all in one curriculm. The DLE Horticulture/Agricuture Lab offers an innovative approach to learning in which students use problem solving skills to tackel hands on learning activities daily!

    I truly believe that memories are made when hands are involved and I love when we are making garden memories whether it is using the garden to learn, do a craft or harvest together!







  • Annettea Mills

    Horticulture/ Agriculture Instructor Diamond Lakes Elem.

    Millie + Agriculture + Technology + Horticulture = M.A.T.H.


    Room 506