• Fry



    Greetings from Mrs. Fry, Principal,


         Join us as we continue our STEAM journey, at Goshen Elementary School.  Students enjoy our pond, garden, and chickens!  It is truly a blessing for Goshen Students to have fun while learning, and to be involved in very important community projects such as recycling, composting, gardening, caring for animals, and caring for each other. 


         Students will be introduced to careers of the future, such as researching, coding, problem-solving, creative thinking, designing, and empathizing.  Goshen Teachers will model ArtsNow teaching strategies for other Richmond County Teachers.  Be proud, because we were STEAM before it was cool!



    Mrs. Fry


    P.S.  Parents wishing to volunteer or chaperone field trips, must now have taken the Mandated Reporter Training, before attending a Parent Volunteer Workshop with me. Any previous Parent Volunteer status is invalid.  I will be scheduling Parent Volunteer Workshops throughout the year.  You will take the Mandated Reporter Training online, pass the test, print off the completion certificate, sign it, and bring it with you to the next Parent Volunteer Workshop.  You will not be admitted without it.  This applies to everyone.  See me if you have any concerns or questions.


                            MANDATED REPORTER TRAINING WEBSITE