Announcements: Learn @ Home 09/05/2023

Important Announcement: Fall Sports | Bear Creek Middle School

 TUESDAY  - September 5, 2023

Today you will be working on your Learn at Home Assignment:

  • Flocabulary: Plot Structure- Code: CGZK84
    • Watch the Video
    • Vocab Cards
    • Vocab Game
    • Read & Respond
    • Quiz
  • Complete your  Reading Log by reading 15 minutes each night. Once you have finished reading, write a 3-4 sentence summary of you read each day. WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. Have a parent guardian to sign. If  you do not have a reading log, fill out the information on a sheet of paper.


  • THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE WEDNESDAY 09/06/2023 UPON ARRIVAL TO CLASS. Failure to complete the assignment will result in a zero and being marked absent for the day of September 5, 2023.