Middle School (6-8) Promotion Requirements

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Middle School (6-8)  Promotion Requirements

A student shall be promoted when, in the professional judgment of the teacher/s and the principal and other professional school staff, he/she has successfully mastered the identified instructional standards of Georgia Public Schools and Richmond County Board of Education.


State Promotion Requirements

  • No eighth grade student shall be promoted to the ninth grade that does not achieve grade level on the state-adopted assessment and meet the local promotion standards and criteria established by The Richmond County Board of Education.*


Additional Richmond County Promotion Requirements

To meet promotion requirements students in grades six-eighth must:

a)   Obtain a passing grade on the report card in:


      -Language Arts

b)  Obtain a passing grade on the report card in at least one of the following:

            -Social Studies


c)  Obtain a passing average in at least half of all connections courses.