• U.S. History will begin taking a closer look at the establishment of the 13 original British colonies in North America.  U.S. will compare and contrast the cultures, and economies of the Southern, New England, and Middle Colonies. 




    Advanced Placement U.S History will examine historical time period #1 which looks at the world prior to the era of European Exploration of the Americas.  This period also analyzes and describes key factors that led to this exciting time in history. 


    triangular trade




    Coach Streetman













    Name: Coach Billterrence O. Streetman
    Email: streebi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Email: coachstreetman@gmail.com
    Grade(s): 9-12
    Subject(s): U.S. History & Advanced Placement U.S. History
    School Phone Number: (706) 592-2089

  • Tutoring for both U.S. History and Advanced Placement U.S. History will begin on Monday, August 12, 2019.  Tutoring will be available every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 2:45-3:25.  

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