This week in psychology and sociology we will analyze the social and psychological impact that various U.S. presidencies and key events had on American citizens in various decades.  We will also explain the role of popular culture in American history.


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    1st Period:  SOCIOLOGY  7:25-8:13

    2nd Period: SOCIOLOGY 8:18-9:06

    3rd Period:  LEADERSHIP TEAM 9:11-9:59

    4th Period:  PLANNING PERIOD  10:04-10:52

    5th Period:  PSYCHOLOGY 10:57-12:24

    (2nd LUNCH: 11:29-11:55)

    6th Period:   PSYCHOLOGY 12:29-1:17

    7th Period:   SOCIOLOGY 1:22-2:10






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    Name: Coach Billterrenice O. "Bill" Streetman
    Email: streebi@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 9-12
    Subject(s): Sociology and Psychology  
    School Phone Number: (706) 592-2089
    Google Phone Number: (706) 804-0485