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    4th Grade Syllabus


    4th Grade Team Members/Contact Information


    Mrs. I. Garrett- garrein@BOE.richmond.k12.ga.us


    Mrs. P. Walden- WaldePa@BOE.richmond.k12.ga.us


    Ms. I. Buckman-buckmie@BOE.richmond.k12.ga.us


    Goshen Elementary-706-796-4646


    Methods of contact: email, a note, call school, and Canvas





    We will do our absolute best to provide your child with a quality education in a safe environment. We are looking forward to an exciting year!




    Students are expected to follow the rules associated with the classroom, which are in place to provide a safe environment and an environment that is conducive to learning. The students are expected to follow the standards that are outlined in the Richmond County Code of Conduct handbook as well.


    Discipline Policy/Plan

    The teacher will maintain a weekly conduct sheet. Student receive abbreviations below for conduct infractions. Students have received warnings before points are taken or deducted.


    T- Consistently talking

    OT- Off Task

    Dis(t)- Being disrespectful to a teacher

    Dis(s)- Being disrespectful to another student

    Mat- Not taking proper care of materials

    O/P- Obscenity/ Profanity

    CA- Clowning Around

    D- Defiant


    Consequences for correcting inappropriate behavior:

    Infraction one: loses 5 points

    Infraction two: loses-5 points/5 minutes of recess

    Infraction three: loses 5 points/10 minutes of recess

    Infraction four: Counselor referral and schedule a formal team conference (including student, parent, principal and/or support teacher)/-5 points

    Infraction five: Office referral (Some infractions may result in an automatic office referral) any student acting in a dangerous, illegal or insubordinate manner will be referred to the office immediately




    Homework is assigned daily. I will discuss the homework with the students in the classroom. Homework will be posted on my webpage as well. Homework will not always be in a written format. Students are required to study their notes and vocabulary as part of homework. Written homework assignments must be turned in on the date it is due and will not be accepted late unless the student is absent on the due date. The webpage will also contain information about tests and projects. This is absolutely the best method to keep up with everything that goes on in class. Please be sure to check it on a regular basis.




    Areas of Study:

    Whole Numbers, Place Value and Rounding in Computation/ Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers/ Fraction Equivalents/Operations with Fractions/ Fractions and Decimals/Geometry/Measurement


    Grading Policy:




    Problem Solving/Culminating Tasks-10%




    Areas of Study:

    Reading (Literary/Informational), Convention of Standard English, Vocabulary Acquisition/Usage, and Writing (Narrative, Opinion, and Informative/Explanatory)


    Grading Policy:








    Areas of Study:

    Stars, Planets and Moon, Forecasting the Weather, Force and Motion, Sound and Light, Ecosystem and Flow and Energy


    Grading Policy:


    Class Assignments-20%





    Social Studies

    Areas of Study:

    Forming a New Nation, Challenges of a New Nation, The Nations Expands, Civil War and Reconstruction, Economics


    Grading Policy:


    Class Assignments-30%





    Please return this portion of the syllabus to your child’s teacher.

    I have read and understand the expectations for 4th grade.


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