• At a time designated by the Richmond County School System, your parent/guardian must sign a Device Use Agreement in order for you to receive a device.
      • You will receive the device, one charger, and a case.
      • Any student receiving a device must be enrolled in a Richmond County school or program.
      • The device will be inventoried with an asset tag. This is a unique identifier for each device and should not be removed.



      • At the time that you withdraw from the school you are attending, you must return the device, charger, and case.
      • The device will be inspected for damages when returned. Fees may be assessed.
      • Devices may be taken up periodically for updates. Students will be notified when an update will be performed and must turn in the device.



      • In the event of a loss or theft during the school day, you should report it to your teacher, Media Specialist, or Administrator right away.
      • In the event of a loss or theft outside of school, you should let your parent/guardian know right away and they should notify your teacher, Media Specialist, or Administrator as soon as possible.



      • Damage = $25 for Laptop; $50 for iPad (cracked screen, jammed keys, etc.)
      • Lost or Stolen = replacement cost unless optional insurance was purchased.
      • Charging Cable replacement = $49
      • Optional Insurance: Available annually
      -Cost for laptop insurance = $15.99
      -Insurance covers theft/burglary/robbery, fire, power surge, vandalism, and natural disasters, but does not cover damage (see device fees for damage costs).
      • If a second device is damaged, lost, or stolen, the student will become a day-user.


      • All use of the school system’s laptops/tablets must be for educational purposes and students are not to use the device for personal, commercial or business use.
      • Students are accountable for and assume full responsibility for the care of my device.
      • Students assume full responsibility for security of the device on and off school premises.
      • Students assume full responsibility for reporting device problems, breakage or damage immediately.
      • The use of a county-issued device is a privilege. Students will be offered an optional insurance plan to cover the replacement cost of the device should it be damaged, lost or stolen. This plan will cover one device per year. If the student loses or damages the second device, the student will become a “day-user” and will be provided a device at school, but cannot take a device off-campus.