• Welcome to Ms. Price's  Third Grade Class!!
     "Where we work from the inside, out" 
    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year, where we work from the inside, out! We have an exciting year ahead that will be filled with lots to explore, experience, and learn!  I hope to be a guide and mentor to your child this year as they embark on a learning journey filled with excitement, challenges, and many learning opportunities. One reason that I love third grade so much is that students develop and grow a lot over the course of one year.  It is wonderful to watch them as they expand their knowledge and learn new things!  As your child continues to grow and learn this year, I hope that you will view me as someone you can count on to care for your child and their academic progress/success.  I believe that children learn best when the teacher and parents work together to achieve the same goals with a child.  
  • Whitley Price
    Whitley Price, M.A.T 
    Grade: Third Grade 
    Subject(s): ALL
    Office Hours:11:00-11:45am daily
    Tutoring:By appointment only
    Phone: (706)796-4939