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    Class Schedule:


    7:20 – 7:50am                     Homeroom (DEAR)                                                          

    7:50 – 8:50am                     1st Period

    8:50 – 9:35am                     Specials

    9:35 – 10:50am                  1st period & lunch

    10:50 – 12:45pm                2nd period

    12:45 – 2:30pm                  3rd period

    Description: This year we will be building our reading, writing, and language skills.  An overview of the units covered this year are, how do we communicate? What makes a good story? What do I know and how can I share it? What do other people think and why? And finally, how can I use what I know.

    Agendas:  Agendas are required daily for copying assignments and to leave the classroom. You will NOT be permitted to leave the classroom without your agenda.  Parents should check and sign agendas daily for any communication from me.  Agendas should remain in the student’s 3 inch binder.

    Course Weight/Grading Scale for all subjects

    Homework (hw) 10%

    Classwork (cw) 30%

    Test (T) 40%

    Quiz (20%)

    Total 100%

    Absent/Late Work Policy:

    In order to earn full credit, assignments should be handed in promptly on Friday morning during homeroom.

    Absences: If a student has an excused absence, as defined by the code of conduct, then work may be submitted for full credit. The number of extra days will be the same as the number of days absent. (i.e. 2 days of excused absence gives the student 2 days to complete the assignment upon their return to school). Students are responsible for obtaining their makeup work. Homework for math will be posted on my school webpage weekly.

    Late Work: Homework will NOT be accepted late.

    Projects will be given a due date along with a cut off deadline. A 10 percent reduction in grade will result for each day late after the due date, up to the deadline.

    Classroom Management:  Class Dojo is an online behavior tracker for teachers, parents, and students to all see and keep track of behavior.  Students are allowed to design their own little monster.  I give and take away points for good or bad behavior during the school day.  Parents are able to log in, download the app, contact me, and keep track of how their child has behaved throughout the day.  I use this to keep track of Homework, Participation, and Behavior.