• Bullpup Pride-August Newsletter-2019

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    Up Coming events

    Aug 21-Early Dismissal (starts at 12:00PM)

    Sept 2-labor day no school

    Sept 5-progress reports go home

    Sept 18-Early Release (starts at 12:00PM)




    Science, Social Studies, Health

    SS4H1 Social Studies

    · I can trace the events that shaped the revolutionary movement in America.

    · I can describe the influence of key individuals and groups during the American Revolution.

    · I can describe the major events of the American Revolution and explain the factors leading to American victory and British defeat.


    · I can explain the sequence of the phases of the moon.


    · I can compare and contrast technological advances on how information is gathered on distant objects in the night sky.


    · I can explain why some stars appear to be larger or brighter than others.


    · I can demonstrate the relative size and order from the sun of the planets in the solar system


    · I can explain with a model the day/night cycle of the earth.


    · I can demonstrate the revolution of the earth around the sun and the earth's tilt to explain the seasonal changes.

    Homework and projects will be due on Fridays (Dates will be announced)

    Mrs. Barber



    I’m excited about the new year. The first unit that we will cover will be representing numbers. This includes multi-digit place value, comparing numbers, rounding, multi-digit addition and multi-digit subtraction. Homework will be assigned Monday thru Thursday. You can check my class page on the school website for the weeks homework. 

    Mr. May


    ELA-(Langauge Arts and Reading)

    4RL2 I can analyze details in a text to determine a theme (author's overall message).

    4RL3 I can use specific details from the text to describe characters, settings, or events.

    4RL9 I can identify similar themes, topics, and patterns of events found in stories, myths, and traditional literature from different cultures.

    4W3 I can write a narrative.

    Mrs. Welcher-Green