Dr. Michelle Olivares



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Dr. Michelle Olivares

As a child, my life was always changing in wonderful ways! My father was in the Air Force, and although my first couple of years of life were spent in Texas, we then moved to Japan, then back to Texas, then to Germany, and then to Missouri, and finally, during the summer before my 8th grade year, we settled in Biloxi, Mississippi, where I eventually graduated from high school. My mother was also a government employee, which is how I discovered Augusta, Georgia, my home since 1998.  I began my teaching career--an incredible five years--in Texas, but every year since, I have called Richmond County School System my home.  My proudest moments have always included education, either mine or my students. Achieving my Doctor of Educational Leadership and Change capped years of dedicated work and was, by far, MY greatest educational achievement. It reminds me daily that with hard work and perseverance, people truly achieve their dreams! 

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