It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I have the privilege of becoming a member of Garrett Elementary School as the new principal. I am truly honored to be appointed to this position, and I am looking forward to working with my administrative team, faculty, and staff to positively impact the students at Garrett Elementary by raising academic achievement, building up our Arts program, and providing a positive learning experience for our students.



    Your child is entering one of the finest elementary schools in Richmond County. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to achieving academic excellence as well as excellence in the ARTS, and we encourage you, our parents, to join us in this endeavor. It is only through working together that your child will experience the true joy of learning. Together, we will be able to insure the quality of our children’s education.



    Garrett Elementary is an Arts Infusion School, and this school year, we plan to showcase our student’s talents in the areas of Dance, Drama, and Music. In addition, we are very excited that we are able to offer Art in our program. We are expecting our students to develop talents in one or all of these areas that will help them with their creativity and self-expression as they engage in our ARTS classes this year.



    My vision for Garrett is to become a world-class educational institution that provides students the opportunities to grow academically and develop talents in the areas of Art, Music, Dance, and Drama while continuing to focus on our commitment to our local community. With your continued support, I know that we will attain this goal!



    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. We are going to have an AWESOME school year!



    Ms. Stacey M. Walk