The Following Students Participated in and Placed in the Garrett Elementary Science Fair! Congratulations!


    GES School Winner

    Hayes Granade

    "What Carpet Cleaner Cleans Stains the Best"



    3rd Grade Science Fair Winners                                                       

    Brianna Lawrence- 1st Place                                                   

    Jairus Ogden- 2nd Place                                                           

    Bria Daniels- 2nd Place                                                               

    Arjah Rainey- 3rd Place                                                              

    Jay Davis- 3rd Place                                                                   

    Damiya Johnson- Honorable Mention                                     

    Austin Clements- Honorable Mention

    Kendrell Crockett- Honorable Mention


    4th Grade Science Fair Winners

    Asia Williams- 1st Place

    Jayda Hill- 2nd Place

    Luke Millhouse- 3rd Place

    Jayden Alford- Honorable Mention

    Logan Moody- Honorable Mention

    Sara Waszak- Honorable Mention


    5th Grade Science Fair WInners

    Ever Bisbal-Rios- 1st Place

    Amiyah Thomas- 2nd Place                                                                  

    Khalon Hudson-3rd Place

    Elizabeth Miller- 3rd Place

    Griffin Sheperd- Honorable Mention

    Felix Key- Honorable Mention                                                                  

    Jayden Wright- Honorable Mention

    Christian Davis- Honorable Mention