Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rosalyn M. Cadle

Strengthening other teachers is how I add to the improvement of the profession of teaching. When I first started teaching, I was fortunate to have been placed with a group of phenomenal instructors. They were so able to lead by example, mimicking the right actions to take in a variety of situations was fairly simple; in addition, they were willing to share their knowledge. As a result, going to them with questions was never an issue. They were teacher leaders and I have always tried to “pay it forward” by assisting my colleagues with the knowledge I have retained over the course of my career.


I believe that iron sharpens iron. As educators, it is our duty to make each other better, so we can make the students better; therefore, there is no room for ego or a crabs-in-a-barrel mentality. Being weak in an area does not make a teacher weak, but not asking for assistance to strengthen that weakness does. That is the purpose for collaborative planning, professional development, and professional learning communities.  Sharing ideas and resources. Discussing what works and what does not. Teachers have conversations about making lessons better in order to achieve their ultimate goal—empowering the students. As Langford Middle School's Instructional Specialist, it is my duty to facilitate courageous conversation and empower our educators to be a spark, igniting a passion for learning in our students.