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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rosalyn M. Cadle

     I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Language Arts and Social Studies in 2003 from Augusta State University. I jumped at the opportunity to take a Reading Endorsement course after realizing that quite a few of my students were struggling with their studies because they were not reading on grade level. No matter the subject area, I have always been able to implement the skills acquired in this class. I received my Reading Endorsement certification in 2005 from the CSRA Regional Educational Service Agency. I continued the next phase of my education studying Divergent Learning and to date it has been the most beneficial professional development I have encountered. I learned that there is not a “wrong” way to reach a student. I was astonished to discover the many diverse learning styles and even more excited to embed the new techniques. I received my Masters of Education with a focus in Divergent Learning in 2006 from Columbia College.

     I continued my collegiate education in 2010. I was interested in learning how to build a well-rounded curriculum, so I studied Teaching and Learning with a focus on Curriculum. I received my Specialist Degree in this area of study in 2011 also fron Augusta University. I acquired a yearning to assist my fellow teachers with mastering their craft because of the training I had obtained and was rewarded the opportunity to do that fulltime after becoming the Academic Support Specialist. Assisting teachers strengthen their weaknesses, build on their strengths, and develop relationships with the students in order to help form them into productive citizens was fulfilling.  It was during this time period when I became a certified A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination) coordinator and teacher. I also received my Tier I Leadership Certification in 2018 once again from Augusta University.  Whether inside of the classroom or outside of it, my goal will always remain to continue to be a beacon of light for all.

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    Rosalyn M. Cadle Ed.S.

    12th Grade Literature Teacher