• Welcome to the Langford Middle School Guidance and Counseling Department


    Our Mission is to develop students academically, emotionally/socially and help them plan and prepare for college/caereer readiness.                          


    We believe:


    • All students can learn and succeed
    • In the Acceptance, Equality and Respect of ALL students and people regardless of race, gender, age, religon, sexual orientation, economic status, nationality or educational status
    • The healthy development of the WHOLE student (emotional, social, and personal) is vitall to the academic suucess of students
    • Students must plan to create successful futures
    • A positive school climate is critical to student learning and academic achievement
    • In utilizing data to support our decisions and planning
    • The skills and training school counselors have are unique within schools and critical to meeting student needs


    School Counselors:


    Denetria Neely - 7th Grade and 6th Grade (M-Z) Neelde@richmond.k12.ga.us


    William Shaw - 8th Grade and 6th Grade (A-L) Shawwi@richmond.k12.ga.us