Langford School Counseling Mission & Beliefs

  • Langford School Counseling Mission:


    To prepare each individual student for success and graduation in high school through a comprehensive School Counseling Program focused on social, emotional, academic and career development.


    Langford School Counseling Beliefs:


    • All students are capable of learning and succeeding.
    • All students are unique and should be treated with dignity and respect.
    • The WHOLE student (social, emotional, and academic) must be developed for success in school and beyond
    • Learning is a life-long process.
    • A positive school climate is essential for student achievement.
    • The diverse needs of all students must be addressed through the school counseling program.
    • A comprehensive, developmental school counseling program is not a support service but an integral part of the total education program.
    • The use of data to drive decsion making.