Algebra I, II & Geometry : Classroom 603

  • Welcome to Glenn Hills High School. I am pleased and honored to be your student’s 9th-10th grade Math teacher! I am truly looking forward to working with and getting to know each one of my students and their families this year. I pledge that if you participate in our exploration, I will do my best to make learning interesting, meaningful, and fun! Every student will be challenged every day with rigorous and meaningful instruction that is aligned with the state content standards. I demand excellence from all of my students and expect that every student will put forth his or her best effort each and every day. This type of learning, however, can only take place with full cooperation by all involved. I believe that organization, structure, and routine lead to this necessary behavior. Therefore, I have established many classroom procedures. Your child will be taught these procedures, and we will shoot for perfection by practicing these routines this school year. I have established procedures for myself that are for the benefit of my students. I believe that my routines will help my students know what to expect each day. Students will be notified in advance of homework, lessons, assessments, and other aspects of our class. Homework and other announcements will be posted weekly on canvas and on the Glenn Hills High school website. I can promise that I will work hard to provide the best instruction possible for my students. However, my dedication is expected to be matched by the student and parents. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I can be reached by


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    2nd Period Algebra I

    3rd Period Algebra I https://

    4th Period Geometry

    5th Period Geometry https:

    6th Period Geometry

    7th Period Geometry

    I look forward to working with you all!




    Mr. Desile


    9th- 11th Grade Math Teacher


    Glenn Hills High School