School Council Members and Meeting Dates

  • School Council Members:

    Principal or School Designee:

     Dr. Johnnie M. Wright

    Teacher Representative:

    Mrs. S. Ingram

    Teacher Representative:

    Mrs. M. Sheppard

    Parent Representative:

    Ms. Norma Patterson

    Parent Representative:

    Mrs.Octavia Collins

    Mr. Donald Evans

    Parent Representative:

    Mr. Thomas Powell

    Other Representatives:

    Ms. Kassandra Cunningham



    Meeting Dates:                                             Time & Place:

    11/16/2020                                                                   rescheduled

    01/11/2021                                                                   Teams Meeting Due to Covid Protocols @ 11:30 am

    03/18/2021                                                                   Teams Meeting Due to Covid Protocols @ 10:00 am


School Council Agendas and Minutes