Biology is Life!

Welcome to Biology!

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    Biology is an in-depth, year- long course in biological principles that influence the lives of all living organisms.  This course is a laboratory course that will teach lab safety, microscope use, and other lab principles in addition to teaching state prescribed standards.  This is a required course that must be passed in order to meet graduation requirements.


    Success in this course is directly related to the amount of time and energy you put into it. Here are some hints to help you:

    • Prepare nightly by reading posted material and answering assigned questions. Having to complete this nightly work in class will put you far behind.
    • Come to class daily and on time.
    • Participate actively and ask questions as soon as you need help.
    • Keep up with your work.
    • Be open to a variety of learning styles and activities.
    • Be willing to receive help from your peers, and to help others.
    • Be willing to think outside the box.
    • Acknowledge when you need extra help.
    • Turn in ALL assignments on time,
    • Use your time wisely.

    And lastly, NEVER be afraid to ask questions.


    Major Course Goals:  The major goal of this course is mastery of the GSE standards prescribed by the state for the following:

    Major Concepts/Skills:

    Classification to the Six Kingdom Level

    Matter-Energy Relationships

    Cellular Function and Structure



    Plant/Animal Characteristics

    Genes and Successive Generations



    Biological Evolution

    Concepts/Skills to Maintain:

    Characteristics of Science

    Records investigations clearly 

    Uses scientific tools

    Interprets graphs, tables and charts

    Writes clearly

    Uses proper units

    Organizes data into graphs, tables, & charts

    Analyzes scientific data via calculations

    Uses models

    Asks quality questions

    Uses technology

    Uses safety techniques

    Recognizes the importance of explaining data with precision and accuracy