Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

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    Learning Today......Leading Tomorrow




    RCSS will create a world-class, globally competitive school system where all students will graduate and are college/career ready.




    Building a world-class school system through education, collaboration, and innovation.




    Every person has the right to a quality education.

    Education is the shared responsibility of the individual, home, school, and community.

    Every person can learn.

    Respect and acceptance are essential for learning and personal development.

    A safe, healthy, and orderly environment is essential to learning.

    Communication is the key to understanding among people.

    Excellence cannot be compromised.






    Spirit Creek Middle School


    Home of the Dolphins

    #Dolphin Dynasty



    Where Excellence is a Tradition





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    We are SCMS...

      Studious. Committed. Motivated. Strong.








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    Royal Blue, White, and Kelly Green



    Mission Statement


    The Mission of Spirit Creek Middle School is to educate students to become self-sufficient adults who contribute to their local and global community.



    Vision Statement


    Spirit Creek Middle School is a school community where the quest for excellence is both a

    motivator and a source of pride. Student learning is our chief priority, and we are united in our

    efforts to ensure that all students learn at their optimum level of ability. Mutual respect among

    staff, faculty, and students form a strong foundation for discipline, communication, support, and

    learning. Our ultimate goal is to help students become self-sufficient adults who contribute to

    their local and global community; therefore, they will lead productive and rewarding lives. 



    Belief Statements


      Student learning is our priority and primary focus of all decisions.

     Educational growth can be encouraged through motivation and high expectations.

     A safe and orderly environment promotes student learning.

     Faculty, staff, and the community share the responsibility for promoting student success.

     Tolerance is developed through the teaching of understanding and respect for all people and cultures.

     Curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices should emphasize problem solving skills while incorporating a variety of learning activities related to the real world to accommodate all learners.