• Introduction to the LMES House System

    LMES uses a House System, based on the Ron Clark Academy House System.  

    At LMES, we will have four houses: Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi, and Reveur. Every student and staff member at LMES will be randomly assigned to one of the six houses.  Each house has its own unique properties, such as color, symbols, history, and character traits.

    Altruismo – Black - Giver

    Amistad – Red - Kindness /Friendship

    Isibindi – Green - Courage 

    Rêveur- Blue - Dreamer

    Throughout the year, students will earn points for school spirit, outstanding performance, academic excellence, good character, effort, and other.  House members will celebrate their community via House Lunches, House Celebrations Monday, House T-Shirts, and House Award Days.

    Mission & Vision

    Through the LMES House System, we will instill a sense of belonging, pride, and personal growth in every student.  We will create a positive, inclusive school community and culture that fosters internal motivation by building relationships, character, excitement, and school spirit.

    Point System

    Students will earn points for their houses for a variety of different things.  Each day, teachers will track student points through an app called the “House Systems App.”  This app is available for parents to see how students are doing in school.

    Students will be awarded points in the following 6 categories: School spirit, outstanding performance, academic excellence, good character, effort, and other

    In addition, students will be awarded “ultra points” for larger ticket items  attendance, team competitions, or not having any office referrals.

    Overall house points will be displayed throughout the school. 

    House Celebrations

    Students will have various opportunities to celebrate and connect with members of their house.

    House Lunch: Each Friday students will eat lunch with their house family at their grade level.  The cafeteria will be decorated in the colors of the house with the most points.

    House Celebration Monday: Every Monday, the entire school will wear the color of a house, to celebrate the unity with each other. 

    House Shirts: Students are encouraged to wear their house shirts on Fridays or wear LME spirit wear.  

    House Award Days: Each month students will participate in a reward during specials. The house with the most points will choose what reward all students will participate in.  

    Special House Celebrations: Once each quarter, students will participate in a special celebration with their house, such as a Pep Rally, Field Trip, or Water Day.

  • Altruismo Crest

    Altruismo House Crest

    Heart: The heart sits are the top of the crest and represents kindness, generosity and purity, which all come from the heart.

    Diamond on a Shield: The diamond on a shield in the middle of the crest represents protecting others with unity and wisdom.  

    Giver: Altuismo mean the givers in Portuguese.

    Griffin: The griffin is one of the house animals.  It has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of lion.  The griffin is one of the most powerful animals and is known for strength, grace, fierceness, and nurturing.

    Black: The house color is black which stands for prestige and talent.

    House Characteristics

    Title: House of Givers

    Power: The Power of Empowering Others

    Heritage: Brazil

    Language: Portuguese

    Symbolic Animal: Snake

  • Amistad Crest

    Amistad House Crest


    Crossed Keys: The crossed keys symbolize the gateway to friendship.

    Castle: The castle represents power and protection.

    Friendship: The word Amistad means friendship in Spanish.

    Peacock: The peacock is the house animal.  It represents love and spirit.

    Knight: The knight symbolizes the protector.

    Red:  The house color is red which represents the kindness of heart.

    House Characteristics

    Title: House of Friendship

    Power: Kindness of Heart, Strength of a True Warrior

    Heritage: Spain


    Symbolic Animal
    : The Immortal Peacock


    Isibindi Crest

    Isibindi House Crest

    Mute Swan: On the top of the crest is a mute swan which is a reflection of Zulu leadership.

    Ebony Tree: The ebony tree represents the beauty of the African continent.

    Courage: Isibindi means courage in Zulu.

    Zulu Axe: The axe stands for power and protection.

    Lion: The lion is the second house animal.  Lions stand for pride, family, and strength, and courage.

    Green: The house color is green and stands for the rich abundant resources in Africa.


    House Characteristics

    Title: House of Courage

    Power: The Strength and Courage of a Lion

    Heritage: South Africa


    Symbolic Animal
    : The Mute Swan and the Lion

  • Reveur Crest

    Rêveur House Crest

    The Knight: The forward facing knight stands for having dreams and not letting anything stand in your way.

    The Unicorn: The unicorn symbolizes freedom, healing, and beauty.  Unicorns are also known to be magical and mystical creatures.

    Dreamer: The word Rêveur means dreamer in French.

    Crescent Moon: The crescent moon symbolizes new beginnings and making dreams into reality.  The moon also represents the wolf, which is the house's animal.

    Blue:  The house color is blue which stands for confidence and passion without fear or anxiety.

    House Characteristics

    Title: House of the Dreamers

    Power: Confident, Passionate, Dreamers

    Heritage: France

    Language: French

    Symbolic Animal: Wolf