Welcome to Sue Reynolds

  •         Welcome to Sue Reynolds Elementary where we can't hide our pride! Our mission is to develop

    your child's academic and social skills. We are excited about this school year and look forward to the

    many activities and opportunities planned for our students!

            As the principal, I enjoy getting to know you and your children. I have an open door policy and

    would be happy to talk with you about things we are doing well, suggestions, and concerns. If you just

    drop by, I may have a previously scheduled meeting or training, but making an appointment will ensure

    that I can sit down and discuss your concerns with you. If you have a simple question, feel free to email

    me. You can also contact Mrs. Goodman or Dr. Rosenberger. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

           Keeping your children safe and providing a quality education are our top priorities. We are going to

    have a great year!


    Dr. Amy W. McClure


    Mrs. Latasha Goodman

    Assistant Principal

    Dr. Maureen Rosenberger

    Assistant Principal