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  • Peace of Mind and Ease of Communication with Parents and School Districts

    Stopfinder will change how we communicate with our school district transportation department.

    • With Stopfinder, registered parents and guardians can receive push notifications about any changes to their child’s bus schedule or be informed of a schedule change or change in route.
    • Stopfinder can also track multiple buses if a parent has more than one child in school and knows exactly when the child arrives.
    • With Stopfinder, registered parents and guardians or family members will now know their child’s bus schedule and can set up “alert regions” on their child’s route so they can be informed where the bus is and when they want to know its location. This is all available on your smartphone or tablet.
    • The school district can customize Stopfinder to send notifications and updates to registered parents or guardians.
    • The Stopfinder app is secure and protected. Parents or guardians are only granted access with permission from the school transportation department.


  • Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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