Teacher Development
  • The Richmond County School System is committed to the success of each induction teacher. The Teacher Development team is dedicated to supporting the needs of teachers in their first years of experience, and their mentors. Our goal is to provide a cohesive system of support and organizational structures that encourages reflection and professional growth of our induction teachers with the purpose of retaining quality teachers in the district that positively impact student learning and achievement. 

  • Lezettra Saunders

    Lezettra Saunders, Ed.S.




    Hope Kindred

    Hope Kindred

    Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant


  • Professional Learning Facilitators for Teacher Quality (TQ's) 

  • Leon DeBerry

    Leon DeBerry, M.Ed.

  • LaWanda Dixon

    LaWanda Dixon, Ed.S.

  • Tiffani Leverett

    Tiffani Leverett, Ed.D

  • Annette Moore

    Annette Moore, M.Ed.

  • Sally Myles

    Sally Myles, M.Ed.

  • Dwanette Pullings

    Dwanette Pullings, M.Ed.



    Induction Teacher Recognition Initiative - The One to Watch Award


    Teachers play a critical role in shaping the future of our students and the community. Induction teachers (0-3 yrs of teaching experience) face numerous challenges as they navigate the complexities of the classroom while beginning their journey with enthusiasm and a passion to make a difference.


    Teacher Development and Human Resources Recruitment and Retention are excited about our Induction Teacher Recognition Initiative- The One to Watch Award. This monthly recognition will be awarded to induction teachers that have demonstrated effective teaching and classroom management practices, established a sense of community in their classroom, created dynamic learning experiences and showed high levels of professionalism.