Regular school attendance is an important part of a student's learning process. Good attendance habits should be developed early on in a student’s education career, starting from middle school all the way up to high school. Students who regularly attend school are more likely to graduate from high school with a good education.


    In contrast, students who are frequently absent (regardless if the absence is excused or unexcused) from school are potentially at risk of falling behind in academics and missing important socialization concepts that enhance their ability to understand and follow directions. Moreover, students who are frequently absent from school will decrease their likelihood of matriculating successfully to graduation and, thereby jeopardizing their futures. Chronic absenteeism is a behavior that is highly associated with dropping out of school.



    To prevent chronic absenteeism and truancy, maintain superb attendance and increase the academic performance of each student.



    The Student Services department, along with its attendance staff works collaboratively and closely with parents, students, school personnel, and the community to navigate obstacles that negatively impact student attendance in the school.