M. Nanette Barnes
    Director of CTAE

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

  • Mission Statement

    Building a world-class school system through education, collaboration, and innovation.

    Vision Statement

    The Richmond County School System (RCSS) will provide an equitable education for all students to prepare them for life beyond the classroom.


    • Every person has a right to a quality education.
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the individual, home, school, and community.
    • Every person can learn.
    • Respect and acceptance are essential for learning and personal development.
    • A safe, healthy, and orderly environment is essential to learning.
    • Communication is the key to understanding among people.


Purpose and Role of CTAE

  • The purpose and role of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education is to support students in becoming career and college ready. Students are provided work-based learning opportunities and academic rigor to enhance their knowledge and skills in preparation for the Workforce.