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    Dr. LaMonica Hillman
    Assistant Superintendent - Student Services

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    A good education has the power to change a life and I am proud to be on a great team of educators who are vested in making a difference in the lives of the students in the Richmond County School System.  We have a staff of incredible innovators who collaborate and work diligently as a team to ensure that our students are prepared to live self-sufficient lives in the competitive 21st-century global economy. We know that this goal takes of lot of dedication and perseverance and we are committed to proving our students with all that they need to have successful futures that include college opportunities and chosen careers.


    As you know, there is significant research that supports the fact that students perform better in school when they are emotionally and physically healthy. When students are healthy, they miss fewer classes, are less likely to engage in risky or antisocial behavior, concentrate more, and are inclined to achieving academically.  Thoughts of emotional and physical health help us to know that we must be willing to educate the whole child by wrapping services to address all critical needs around the student and the educational process.  We simply must do all that we can to remove barriers to student success.


    The Richmond County School System is committed to supporting the needs of our students.  We will continue to educate at high levels and to build a strong program that includes a full range of services designed to provide relevant support to our students.




    Dr. LaMonica Hillman


    Assistant Superintendent for Student Services