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     Chris Neal, Ed.S.
     Director of School Climate 
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    Student Discipline Coordinator
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  • Welcome to the Office of School Climate


    The mission of the Office of School Climate is to develop and implement comprehensive school-wide strategies to promote a positive school climate and to address social, emotional, and behavioral barriers to learning. It is our goal to establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with school personnel, students and their families, and community stakeholders in order to form partnerships and service plans to meet the needs of all students and their families.


    We are very excited about the 2023-2024 school year and we look forward to working with all faculty, students, and Richmond County stakeholders. Student learning is our top priority!



    Four Dimensions of School Climate


    Safety: referring to the physical and emotional safety of students and the rules and procedures in place to ensure student safety;

    Relationships / Engagement: student social support from educators and parents, the level of respect students have for others, school and community engaged, and student and parental leadership;

    Teaching and Learning: a positive and professional student-teacher-school relationship, social and emotional skills training, civic education, and positive support for learning; 

    Institutional Environment: the physical environment of the school.