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    The RCK12 Curriculum (Rigorous Curriculum and Knowledge through 12) is a comprehensive curriculum that provides a consistent instructional framework to prepare students for success in college and the 21st century workplace.  

    RCK12 students and graduates are expected to

    • use technology and tools strategically in learning and communicating
    • use argument and reasoning  to do research,  construct arguments, and critique the reasoning of others
    • communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of audiences
    • solve problems, construct explanations and design solutions

    The Curriculum and Instruction Department is committed to supporting student learning through the development and implementation of the RCK12 Curriculum.

    instructional model

               Instructional Framework Model

    RCK12 Overview Video


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    RCK12 Takes Flight - Curriculum and Instruction

    RCK12 Takes Flight

    The RCK12 Instructional Framework and Learning Cycle video.

    Author: Curriculum and Instruction   
    Length: 7:50
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