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    Budget and Finance

    NOTICE: W2s will be available online by January 31, 2019. Paper copies of W2s will be delivered to schools/departments, or placed in the mail on January 31, 2019. 


  • The Richmond County School System will hold two board meetings where the FY 2020 budgets will be presented. Time will be made available for public input at each meeting. The first meeting will be a called board meeting and will be held at 5:00 P.M. on May 21, 2019. The second will be a called board meeting and will be held at 3:30 P.M. on June 11, 2019. At the June 11th regularly scheduled board meeting, the school board will adopt budgets for FY 2020 school year. Both meetings will be held in the School System’s board room, 864 Broad Street, Augusta, GA. 


  • Payroll Phone: 706-826-1113

    Purchasing Phone: 706-826-1121

    Accounts Payable Phone: 706-826-1106

    Fax: 706-826-4611

    Suzanne Lentz, CPA
    Director of Budget and Finance
    Assistant Director of Budget and Finance
    Phyllis Boyd
    Administrative Assistant to Director
    Payroll Manager
    Procurement Manager

Pay Inquiries

  • Pay Day is on the last business day of the month.

    Please note that direct deposits may post to your bank at any time on Pay Day.


    Pay Deductions to the Credit Union may take up to TWO business days after Pay Day to process. 


    Please contact the Payroll Clerks for Payroll related questions. 706-826-1113
    Beginning September 2017, PAYSTUBS will be available through Employee Online only. Please log in and click on the Employee Online link below under Quick Links or you may access Employee Online in the Staff Resources section.  


    Payroll Cutoff Dates

    Note that Payroll Cutoff Dates refer to the cutoff for processing additional or overtime pay and absences for the payroll period; processing of tax changes; and processing of direct deposit changes. Any activity that occurs after the cutoff will be applied to the following month's payroll.
    Please see below for documentation cutoffs to Human Resources to ensure processing for the next payroll cycle.
    See the Calendar for payroll cutoff and due dates.
    Transportation cutoff deadlines are 2 days prior to the regular cutoff. 
    June 30 is the School System's fiscal year-end. Please turn in any absences prior to the cutoff dates. 

    Payroll Certificate and Experience Documentation Due Dates
    To ensure that changes to payroll are received timely, please note the following deadlines for any changes to certificates or years of experience:
    Please provide all changes to Human Resources by the 5th of the month for February - October, and by the 1st of the month for November, December, and, January. Requests received after these dates will be processed for the following payroll.
    You have one-year from the date of hire to turn in any experience.

    W2s are sent out with the January 31st Payroll, and are mailed out at the end of January for non-current employees and substitutes.
    Please contact Payroll if you are in need of a W2. W2s are run on Thursdays and are $5.00 each.