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    Financial and Grant Accounting

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    Budget and Finance


     Please contact the Budget and Finance Department directly at 706-826-1113 for all pay related inquiries or via email, communication received by other means may result in a delay in response.


    Inquiries related to your pay scale or step should be referred to Human Resources.


    Notice 6/3/2021: The Richmond County School System has made an adjustment to the contracts of all employees with an 8/16/2020 or 9/1/2020 contract start date, originally ending in August 2021. These contracts have been adjusted to end on 7/31/2021. Impacted employees were sent an email on 6/3/2021 explaining the change in their contract and related corrective payments to their contracts, which will occur on June 9, 2021. Impacted employees, please refer to this communication and memo for any questions. Employees that did not receive the email notification were not impacted by the change and were already on a 7/31 contract end date and did not require a contract adjustment. 



    NOTICE: The Richmond County Board voted on September 15, 2020 to not participate in the optional employer payroll tax deferrement program. You do not need to contact the Payroll Office, no changes will be made to your payroll taxes.  


CARES Act - Student Loan Changes

  • Garnishments on federal student loans that passed as part of the CARES Act will be deferred through September 30, 2021. Withholdings will resume for the October 2021 paychecks, unless we receive further guidance. Should you have any questions about the status of these garnishments, please contact your loan provider.


2020 Tax Changes

  • Tax Forms:


    For changes to federal income tax withholdings for 2021 W4, please see the IRS Publication 15-T for instructions, and the IRS Tax Estimator. The Budget and Finance Department will not provide individual guidance as to how these forms should be completed.



Pay Inquiries

  • If you have a pay inquiry, please call 706-826-1113, for the quickest response. A delay may occur if other methods of contact are utilized.


    Pay Day is on the last business day of the month.

    Please note that direct deposits may post to your bank at any time on Pay Day.


    Pay Deductions to the Credit Union may take up to TWO business days after Pay Day to process. 


    Please contact the Payroll Clerks for Payroll related questions. 706-826-1113
    Beginning September 2017, PAYSTUBS will be available through Employee Online only. Please log in and click on the Employee Online link below under Quick Links or you may access Employee Online in the Staff Resources section.  


    Payroll Cutoff Dates

    Note that Payroll Cutoff Dates refer to the cutoff for processing additional or overtime pay and absences for the payroll period; processing of tax changes; and processing of direct deposit changes. Any activity that occurs after the cutoff will be applied to the following month's payroll.
    Please see below for documentation cutoffs to Human Resources to ensure processing for the next payroll cycle.
    See the Calendar for payroll cutoff and due dates.
    Transportation cutoff deadlines are 2 days prior to the regular cutoff. 
    June 30 is the School System's fiscal year-end. Please turn in any absences prior to the cutoff dates. 

    Payroll Certificate and Experience Documentation Due Dates
    To ensure that changes to payroll are received timely, please note the following deadlines for any changes to certificates or years of experience:
    Please provide all changes to Human Resources by the 5th of the month for February - October, and by the 1st of the month for November, December, and, January. Requests received after these dates will be processed for the following payroll.
    You have one-year from the date of hire to turn in any experience.

    W2s are sent out with the January 31st Payroll, and are mailed out at the end of January for non-current employees and substitutes.
    Please contact Payroll if you are in need of a W2. W2s are run on Thursdays and are $5.00 each.