Pay Inquiries




    Have questions regarding your paycheck?


    Contact Payroll at 706-826-1113.


    Please be sure to have your pay-stub or paycheck in hand to assist in addressing questions.

    Please note that we will only discuss payroll with the employee.


    Inquiries related to pay scale or step should be referred to Human Resources.



Frequent Pay Inquiries

    • Direct deposits may post to your bank at any time on Pay Day.
    • Please check our Calendar for Pay Days.
    • Pay deductions to the Credit Union may take up to TWO business dats after Pay Day to process.
    • Pay Stubs are available through Employee Online only.



Tax Forms

  •  W-2s


     W2s will be posted for current employees to Employee Online on January 21, 2022.

    Paper W-2s will be sent out with the January 31st Payroll, and are mailed out at the end of January for non-current employees and substitutes.


    Please contact Payroll if you are in need of a W-2 for a replacement or prior year.

    W-2s are run on Thursdays and are $5.00 each.





    Federal Income Tax Withholding Changes


    For changes to federal income tax withholdings for 2022 W4, please see the IRS Publication 15-T for instructions, and the IRS Tax Estimator.


    The Budget and Finance Department will not provide individual guidance as to how these forms should be completed.







    The Richmond County Board voted on September 15, 2020 to not participate in the optional employer payroll tax deferrement program. You do not need to contact the Payroll Office, no changes will be made to your payroll taxes.  



    CARES Act - Student Loan Information

    Garnishments on federal student loans that passed as part of the CARES Act will be deferred through May 1, 2022. Withholdings will resume for the May 2022 paychecks, unless we receive further guidance. Should you have any questions about the status of these garnishments, please contact your loan provider.