2023–2024 Pre-K Registration Information

Pre-K Lottery Registration Information
  •   Below is the Pre-K registration information for the 2023-2024 school year:


    Age Requirements

    To be eligible for Georgia's Pre-K program, children must be four years of age on or before September 1, 2023, based on acceptable documentation, such as birth certificates, certificates of live birth, passports, official medical documents, legal documents, or official documents from other countries. Only children whose birthdates are from September 2, 2018, through September 1, 2019 are eligible for participation in the 2023–2024 school year. Parents are encouraged to consider the child’s date of birth, physical maturity, emotional maturity, and prior experiences when making the decision to enroll a child in the Pre-K program.  

    Proof of Residency (required at the time of registration or on the first day of attendance) Must be a state of Georgia resident.

    • Current mortgage statement/lease agreement
    • Current utility bill
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Property tax notice
    • Letter from shelter
    • PeachCare eligibility document

    Proof of Age (Required at time of registration or on the first day of attendance)

    • Original birth certificate 
    • Certificate of live birth
    • Passport
    • Official medical documents
    • Legal documents
    • Official documents from other countries

    Other Required Documentation 

    • Social Security Card or Social Security Waiver Form (provided by Bright from the Start)
    • GA Form 3231- Immunization Form (due within the first 30 days of school)
    • GA Form 3300- Eye, Ear, Dental, and Nutrition Screening (due within the first 90 days of school)


    Please see the link below regarding the tiered lottery procedure.

     Tiered Pre-K Lottery Procedure



    I did not apply for the pre-k lottery. Can I still register my child for Pre-k?

    All of our Pre-K sites maintain a waiting list of students who are interested in attending. You will need to contact the school you are interested in directly and request that your child's name be placed on the waiting list. The site will contact you directly if a slot becomes available for your child.


    My child was accepted into a school. Why have I not heard from the school?

    The school will contact accepted applicants from April 19th through April 28th. If you have not received a call or email from the school by April 28th, please contact the school directly.


    My child was placed on a waiting list. Where am I on the waiting list?

    The waiting lists are maintained at each school and are updated daily. Please contact the school directly for any waitlist questions. When a slot becomes available, the school will contact the next person on the waiting list.


    My contact information has changed. How will the school contact me?

    If you applied for the lottery and your contact information has been updated, please contact the school directly.


    If my child was placed on a waiting list at one school, can I still register at a different school?

    Yes. Registering at another school does not affect your spot on the waiting list at another school.


    Can I place my child on multiple waiting lists?

    You are able to place your child on a waiting list at every school.