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    support students and staff in becoming 
    effective and discriminating users of information, 
    developing a pattern of lifelong learning,
     and cultivating a community of readers.


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    Genre for January: Folktales and Fairytales

               In Literature, a genre is a style of writing. This month,

    the Media Center will feature Folktales and Fairytales .This genre began as an

    oral tradition, being told or acted out from one generation to the next. These

    folktales or fairytales usually included talking animals, magic, and/or mythical creatures

    such as trolls, giants, or fairy godmothers. Later, these oral tales were collected and written

    down for all to read. Stop by the Media Center and look for your favorite fairytale and

    "check" it out! Also, listen for the "Plot of the Day" on the Morning Show and turn in your guess!