• 2022-2023 SYLLABUS for Middle School Orchestra Classes


    Instructor:           Bonnie Harris

    Phone:                  706.955.5989

    Email:                   harribo@boe.rcboe.org



    The emphasis in this course is performance and participation. Students will perform assigned repertoire and participate with other students to demonstrate an evolving understanding and mastery of his/her string instrument.  Through this process students will acquire knowledge of music history, terminology and theory as stated in the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Middle School Orchestra.



    Class Participation/Preparation              25%

    Practice log & Rehearsal Participation   25%

    Music Mastery/Major Assignments         25%

    Concert Performances/Final Exam         25%


    Class Participation

    • Students should participate to the best of their ability with a positive attitude.  All class activities and assignments are designed to be a direct benefit for you as a musician. 


    Class preparation

    •   Students should come to every class and/or rehearsal on time with instrument and all required materials.


    Practice Log

    • Practice sessions at home of a minimum of 30 minutes at least 5 days each week are required.  Students should record all practice sessions on the provided practice log and get a parent to initial each day they practice. The practice log will be checked weekly. Credit will only be given for days with parent signatures. Progress of daily practice may also be checked through random performance checks/quizzes.


    Rehearsal Participation: after school tutoring and/or virtual county-wide rehearsals at Tubman Education Center

    • Participation in one of the all-county honor orchestras is expected for this course. Students should attend all after school tutoring and/or virtual rehearsals and other specified rehearsals and performances (virtual until further notice)that are required throughout the year.  Students are expected to be on time for all after school tutoring and/or virtual rehearsals and other specified rehearsals and performances (virtual until further notice). Points may be deducted for frequent tardies or frequently leaving rehearsals early.
    • In order to be excused from an all-county rehearsal or performance you must call/text the evening orchestra director PRIOR TO rehearsal, and you must bring a parent note explaining your absence to your next orchestra class.


    Music Mastery/Major Assignments

    • All students are required to be able to play their concert music correctly before being allowed to perform. Once music is prepared, students will perform songs individually for the me (teacher). If mastered, I will initial the music indicating that it is performance ready.
    • In addition to performance assignments, students may be asked to complete written assignments to reinforce musical mastery.


    Concert Performances/Final exam

    • Concert performances (virtual until further notice) are our ultimate goal, and participation is expected. Written finals and/or other student performances may be used in addition to or in lieu of concert performances, at the teacher's discretionary approval.



    -    Attend ALL string classes at school

    -    Be on time

    -    Have all necessary materials

    -    Bring a positive attitude & be ready to work

    -    Be courteous

    -    Keep the rehearsal area neat

    -    Keep fingernails at appropriate length

    -    Attend all rehearsals and performances as assigned



    -    Instrument (with bow, rosin, cleaning cloth, shoulder rest).  On occasions when the instrument is not needed, the teacher will endeavor to inform the students in advance.

    -    Music notebook (with all assigned music and class work) and/or books.

    -    PENCIL- making notes and marking the directors’ instructions in music is the sign of a good musician. You should NEVER use a pen. Please have an ample number of pencils available for use in class and in rehearsals.


    Students, Parents/Guardians:

    After reading this page, please complete the Course Syllabus Agreement and Contact Information on the following page, stating that you have read the Syllabus for Orchestra and understand the following:


    Orchestra Class is an academic class that will follow the curriculum set forth in the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Middle School Orchestra. 


    • Your child will be expected to attend and participate in class daily with their instrument and materials such as sheet music, rosin, a shoulder rest or pad, pencil, paper, etc.
    • Maintaining the instrument in good working order is integral, i.e. extra strings, rosin, shoulder rest, etc. Repair/replacement of these items should be timely.
    • Orchestra is a connections pull out class for which students receive grades.
    • Practice Logs are a component of your child’s grade.
    • Participation in after school tutoring and/or virtual rehearsals at Tubman, and all concerts (virtual until further notice), is included in your child’s grade.  It is extremely important that your child is on time and remains for the entire sespionage.  It is also important that you pick your child up promptly when after school tutoring ends.


    * Parents, you are strongly encouraged to participate in the Richmond County Orchestra Booster Club in whatever capacity you are able, as member or in a leadership role. You will receive more information at the Parent Meeting at Tubman. Your continued support is vital to the success of our students and our Orchestra Program!



    Course Syllabus Agreement and Contact Information


    I have read the course syllabus and fully understand its components.


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    Student Signature :___________________________________________________


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