• Richmond County Schools Graduation Requirements

    Students enrolled in Grade 9 for the first time during 2015-16  (Class of 2019)


    To earn a high school diploma, students must earn the specified 23 Carnegie units.





    English/Language Arts

    4 Units

    ·        9th Grade Literature/Composition (1 unit)

    ·        American Literature/Composition (1 unit)

    ·        2 Additional Units in English/Language Arts





    4 Units

    ·        Algebra (1 unit)

    ·        Geometry  (1 unit)

    ·        Algebra II (1 unit)

    ·        4th year math (1unit)

    4th year math options: Advanced Mathematical Decision Making, Pre-Calculus  or AP Statistics, Dual Enrollment course  or  other math courses. 


    *Note: Pre-Calculus is a pre-requisite for AP Calculus




    4 Units

    ·        Biology  (1 unit)

    ·        Physical Science or Physics (1 unit)        

    ·        Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science or an AP course

    (1 unit)

    ·        Additional  Science  Unit (1 unit)


    *Any AP/IB science course may be substituted for the appropriate courses listed above.


    Social Studies

    3 Units

    ·        American Government (.5 units)

    ·        Economics (.5 units)

    ·        World History or AP World History (1 unit)

    ·        U.S. History or AP U.S. History (1 unit)       


    Health and Physical Education

    1 Unit

    ·        Health and Safety (.5 units)

    ·        Personal Fitness (.5 units)*


    *Three(3) units of credit in JROTC (Junior Reserve  Officer Training Corps) may be used to satisfy the requirements


    CTAE  (Career Technology, Agriculture, and Education)and/or Fine Arts, and/or Modern Language/Latin

    3 Units

            3 units in CTAE, Fine Arts or Modern Language/Latin


    *Students are encouraged to select courses in a focused area of interest


    Additional Elective Units



    4 Units

    For students entering a University System of Georgia institution, two units of the same World language is required; many colleges and universities require 3 units.    




    23 Units