• How to Begin the College Application Process

    Applying to college is an exciting and sometimes confusing endeavor.  Outlined below are a few important steps that will help the college application process to run more smoothly. Please contact the Guidance and Counseling Office personnel if you have questions.


    In most cases, you can now apply on-line to many colleges & universities.  GAfutures.org is a site that allows you to apply to many schools in the state of Georgia. We would encourage you to check the websites of the schools you are interested in applying to see what they recommend and what they have available. 


    Typically, completed applications require the following four things:

    1. The Application - 

    Applications are to be completed and submitted to the college by the student. Be sure it is signed and dated! NEATNESS COUNTS! It is strongly recommended that you apply on-line whenever possible! 

    2. Application Fee - 

    An Application Fee is required for most schools; make checks payable to the college/university you are applying to. Application fees should accompany your application.
    If you apply on-line, you will need to pay by credit card OR send your check in separately before your application will be processed. 

    3. Official Transcript - 

    Official Transcripts must be sent to the college by the Guidance Department, unless the college specifies otherwise. A student's Testing Record (SAT & ACT) is not a part of their transcript. 

    4. Test Scores (SAT and/or ACT)

    *Please note...most colleges require that the student's test scores come directly from the testing center. When this is the case, students can send them to 4 schools for free by indicating this on the testing application. They can also be requested at a later date, however a fee must be paid to the testing center for each school you need them sent to. To request additional SAT score reports log onto http://www.collegeboard.com. For additional ACT score reports, log onto http://www.act.org