• Course Description

    Kindergarten is a time that children begin a lifetime of learning. It is a year for learning, growing, making friends, and a lot of fun, too!  Our days are filled with stories, letters, phonics, numbers, writing, and many other activities and memories. What a pleasure it will be to have your child in my classroom.

    I have an exciting year planned full of opportunities for learning and growing. Your child will be studying about many aspects of life including; self, home, family, and community throughout the year, in addition to the Common core standards.   

                             Major Course Goals

    Georgia’s standard’s for a child leaving kindergarten are high. We work on social skills, rules and singing songs. I know you will be fascinated when he/she learns  how to write he/she’s  first and last name, learn colors, upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds, vowels and their sounds, cvc words, sight words, rhyming, segmenting, identifying shapes and number 1-20, write numbers 1-20, count to 100 by 1s and 10s, and adding and subtracting. Don’t worry…I will be discussing all of these things with you many times throughout the school year. Again, please call if you have questions, comments, or concerns.