What You Need To Know

  • What You Need To Know

    First of all, thank you for your interest in the Butler High School JROTC Program!  You have made a wise decision in choosing this program.  By choosing to be a part Jr. ROTC, you have demonstrated that you are different from the average student….but in a good way!  You are basically saying that you are seeking to be challenged in areas that you may not have ever been challenged.  You are saying that you are looking for something different.  You might even being saying that you recognize the need for more discipline in certain areas of your life.  If any of this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right program! 

    What Jr. ROTC Is

    Jr. ROTC is a program that will certainly push you beyond your limits.  But don’t worry, it’s all with the intent to make you a better, well-rounded individual, capable of meeting the challenges and demands of everyday life head-on and succeeding!  Jr. ROTC is a program that requires you to immerse yourself into it in order to get anything from it.  If you do nothing, if you don’t get involved, if you don’t engage then you probably won’t benefit from the program.  However, if you commit to doing the things that are required of you, asked of you and demanded of you, you will thoroughly enjoy the program and reap the benefits of being a part of one of the BEST CTAE programs this school has to offer. 

    JROTC is a military structured program.  Although our goal is not to prepare you for the military, it does provide a solid military foundation for you should you one day decide to serve your country through military service.  Our primary goal is to prepare you to be successful in life and to become productive citizens that will give back to your communities.

    What Jr. ROTC Is Not

    First off, Jr. ROTC is NOT a joke!  You will be required from day one to follow orders and adhere to rules and regulations - and there are a lot of them!  This program has undergone a serious change in structure due to students who did not take the program seriously.  As a result, students are now weeded out quickly and removed from the program at the first indication that they are not willing to stick it out or to do the things that are required of them!  That means returning all the uniforms and whatever else you are given (at no charge) and being placed in a P.E. class or wherever else.  This is sometimes best however.  Just like the military, ROTC is not for everyone.  However, if you make an effort and not an excuse you have a good chance of excelling in this program and enriching your life skills and abilities.

    Secondly, please understand that Jr. ROTC is NOT LIKE THE OTHER CLASSES!!! There are behaviors that students exhibit in other classes that will NOT be tolerated in this class!  There are things that students can do in other classrooms that you cannot do in ROTC.  This will be spelled out more specifically for you during the Rituals and Routines portion of your introduction to the program.

    What We Require From You

    We require a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) in order to succeed in this program.  Attitude is the key to successfully negotiating any obstacle or situations that you encounter in life.  A negative Attitude is like a flat tire…you’re not going anywhere until you change it! 

    We require an EFFORT in everything you do and not an EXCUSE!  Don’t declare what you CAN’T do before you’ve even tried.  Definitely, don’t declare what you WON”T do.  That will be grounds for dismissal from the program and will not be tolerated!

    We require INTEGRITY and HONESTY.  You must be honest at all times.  Do not lie, cheat or steal from anyone.  Honest reputations are difficult to build but easy to lose.  If I can’t trust you, then I can’t use you. 

    We require discipline and strict compliance to rules and regulations.  There will be rules and regulations that you do not agree with.  That’s life!  Get used to it! Just like there may be laws that I don’t agree with, I don’t get to decide which ones to obey and which ones to ignore.  I obey the law regardless of rather I agree with it or not!  You are required to take the same approach.

    We require and demand respect!  It goes both ways.  Give it, and you’ll get it in return.  Offer disrespect, we’ll simply collect our uniforms and show you the door!

    You are required to wear your uniform once a week, all day and while adhering to uniform regulations.  The uniforms that you will be issued are the same uniforms worn by active members of the Marine Corps.  Many Marines have died in service to our country while wearing the same uniforms that you will be wearing.  The LEAST you can do to honor their memory and sacrifice is wear the uniform with pride and respect.  If you are ashamed to wear the uniform then this is not a program for you!

    Although we do not require males to cut their hair completely off, long hair that exceeds three inches on the top, twists, dreads, corn-rolls or otherwise unkempt hair is not authorized and you cannot participate in this program.  Females are encouraged to consider their hairstyles as females are required to be able to pin their hair above the collar while in uniform.  Too much hair, if added, will make this requirement difficult to perform and will result in not being able to adhere to uniform grooming standards.  Only natural colors are allowed in your hair.  Colors such as green, pink, red, purple etc., are not authorized in uniform or the program.  Additionally, males are not allowed to wear earrings in class and especially not in any uniform.  Females cannot wear earrings while in the camouflage uniform only.

    You will be required to drill at least once a week.  Drill can be difficult but don’t worry, we got you!     Drill is a fun time where your instructors tend to become animated due to our passion and excitement about drill.  We expect you to learn it for sure!  But, it will be taught in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 

    We require discipline!  We teach discipline however, we cannot MAKE you be a disciplined person.  You have to recognize the need for discipline and want it!  Don’t join this program because your friend talked you into it.  Do not join this program because your parent(s) feel you need more discipline.  If you are not receptive to what we offer you will be weeded out of the program pretty quickly. Again, you have to WANT it! 

    Last but not least, you are required to remain on top of your grades and pass all of your essential classes required for graduation.  We will assist you as best we can.  However, if we determine that you are not putting in the necessary effort to pass your classes or you are simply blowing it off or goofing off, and you fail a core class, there will be consequences from JROTC and could possibly lead to you being dropped from JROTC!  You are required to take your academics seriously!

    What You Can Expect From Us

    Don’t stress if everything you’ve read so far sounds like your experience will be like “Boot Camp.”  I’m not saying that it’s going to be a cake walk but it’s definitely going to be a rewarding experience!  Yes, we will mentor you.  Sometimes that means you might get scolded and “chewed” out!  You might get yelled at from time to time.  Rest assured however, that we have your best interest at heart.  We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t care. 

    Your Jr. ROTC Instructors are two of the best teachers this school has to offer and there aren’t any two people who will have your back in your time of need or distress, better than we will.  Give us your best and you’ll certainly get our best in return.  Our primary goal is to inspire you to get through high school successfully in four years without getting into trouble, passing all your classes and not having to go to Summer School.  Our goal is to prepare you to succeed in life! 

    Understand we are NOT your friend!  We are your instructors, mentors and guides.  Do not refer to us as Dad, Uncle, Grand-daddy, Brother or anything other than our rank and last name.  DO NOT simply call us by our last name.  You are required to use our rank and name!

    We are someone you can talk to in confidence if you are having any issues with anything or anyone.  We will work diligently to help you resolve any problems you may be encountering.  We are here for you!

    Wrapping It Up

    I certainly hope this information helps you in your decision to accept the challenge before you and be a part of this rewarding program or assist you in making the mature decision that perhaps, it’s just not for you.  But before you decide to drop the program, I invite you to give it a try first.  Nothing good ever comes easy in life.  Anything worth-while is certainly worth the effort it takes to enjoy the benefits.  I promise that if you hang in there and do exactly as we require, YOU WILL SUCCEED and you will enjoy this program!  Yes we are strict and we hold you to a standard, but so does life.  The only difference is that life can sometimes be unforgiving.  We are simply preparing you for life success. 

    Welcome aboard!  Strap in and hang on for the ride….