Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Neichole N. Wimberly

Hello! My name is Neichole N. Wimberly. I am from Augusta, Ga, and a Class of 1996 graduate from Laney High School. I furthered my education at Chattanooga State Community College and Clayton College and State University where I was an All-Star basketball player. I will be your instructor here at Glenn Hills High School for Team Sports and Aerobics for the 2020-2021 school year.  I’m not new to RCBOE, I started out being a Teacher Assistant at Joseph R. Lamar elementary school back in 2000 and from there I worked at Laney high school for 9 years under the supervision of Dr. Hawthorne Welcher.  I left the school system for about 8 years where I continued pursuing my career in the mental health/juvenile field and worked as a mental health technician, recreational therapist, drug and alcohol counselor, and case manager in the community.  I came back in the school system as a 21st Century site coordinator for the after school program for 3 different elementary schools. 

My entire life I’ve been passionate about basketball and helping people better themselves by striving for something. Working in the mental health field and being a basketball coach, I often tell kids “The most important lessons we can learn are not the goals we are striving to reach, but the true beauty in the process is what we can learn along the path, the people we meet while chasing our dreams, the struggles we have to encounter to keep moving forward, and the determination/loyalty/discipline needed to do what is necessary for reaching the goal.  I’ve learned to embrace my journey and focus on the path and appreciate what my passion can do for my life and helping the lives of others. My motto is “You have to believe in yourself to make it happen. Strive for greatness and remember you control your own destiny”.