Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules


    1. I will respect and value all members of the school and our classroom.

    2. I will follow the directions of my teacher the first time they are given.

    3. I will raise my hand and wait for permission before speaking
    or leaving my seat.

    4. I will remain focused and listen to my peers and my teacher.

    5. I will keep my hands, feet and other objects to myself.

    6. I will participate actively and give my all to the lessons!

    Positive Rewards:-)
    -Students will receive positive points on ClassDojo. :-)
    -End of week certificates
    -House points given daily


    Consequences if Rules are broken:

    First Offense: Verbal warning to students.

    Second Offense: Think sheet sent home to parent(s) to sign.

    Third Offense: Call home to parent/guardian and loss of recess

    Fourth Offense: Parent meeting with Principal