• Josh




    As we continue through the 2020-2021 school year, I want us all to take time to reflect on the hard work and accomplishments of our students, teachers and staff.  Although we continue to navigate through a school year filled with uncertainties I look forward to serving all of our students and leading them towards academic excellence. I want all students to understand that they are supported in their academic efforts and that they need to take their education seriously. We are all committed to the continuous improvement for all of our scholars and we hope that they will excel through their participation in events such as the school-wide Belair Spelling Bee, Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, Richmond County Math Competition, District 10 Band Clinic and the Cyber Patriot Teams to name a few. Please encourage your child to read each day, to spend time completing iReady/homework and to talk to their parents about their academics as well as their future aspirations. Through collaboration, innovation and education, we will continue to make improvements for the success of all of our Belair students. Thank you for being a part of Belair K-8 - "Where STE(A)M is an integral part of what we do!"



    Best Regards,


    Mr. Josh Workman


    Belair K-8 STE(A)M School