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    You have landed on my about me page, so let me tell you a little about me.

    Teaching Experience
    Hi there, I'm Mr. DiAmaal Holmes and I teach 7th grade Life Science. I have been teaching for over 3 years and have education experience in Exercise Sports Science. When you walk in my classroom you will notice a variety of scientific material. It is my desire to create a inducive learning environment. I will also be coaching various sports activities for the upcoming school year. I look forward to have a spectacular year with you.

    I am an advocate of family bonding, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Streaming and Anime. Currently, I am focusing on building my subscriber channel.

    Teaching Philosophy
    When it comes to teaching, I believe it is about developing strong relationships that tap into students' passions and provide relevancy to students and allows them to make connections with the curriculum. I champion what is best for students in all decisions and I model lifelong learning in my personal and professional life.

    Kobe Bryant is one of my favorite athletes so I will leave you with one of his quotes.
    “The mindset isn't about seeking a result—it's more about the process of getting to that result. It's about the journey and the approach. It's a way of life.”