Attention All Cosmetology Students .... Please only send your work through your RCBOE Launchpad Email 
                                              To my board email at: Hambyse@richmond.k12.ga.us  

           Graded  Cosmetology  Assignments   from    Monday March 29th – Due by Monday  May 4th  2020


      Here is your 3  Tasks for the Week , PLEASE number each task and place into a  Document, PowerPoint or Prezi


      Task 1/     Create a POWEPOINT  6 Pictures or Collage of you and OF FAMILYHappy Pictures Only PLEASE !!!!


      Task 2/  Show a picture of your current Hairstyle or a hairstyle you created If you haven’t created one….  NO WORRIES ….                           or display someone else’s style)


      If you have access Watch Movie “Self Made “ on NETFLIX with actress Octavia Spenser about the life and times of Madame CJ Walker

      If you don’t have access to Netflix ( NO WORRIES )

      Here is the alternate assignment, Research and read about the life of Madame CJ         Walker from the Internet


      Task 3 / Write  a paragraph of how the movie impacted or inspired you regarding  Entrepreneurship. Or how her life can impact                you


      Extra Credit : Complete a Clean Version of your Family Tik Tok!!!!! ( ENJOY)

      Please sendt to my TIK TOK  (Selina Hamby-Davis  or  @selinasoul )



      #Handwashing / #Social Distance /#Lets Flatten the Curve

      LOVE YA …. Mrs. Davis