• Windsor Spring Physical Education 2023-2024

        Welcome back to school! My name is Coach Tobat and I am going to be your child’s P.E. teacher. I have been teaching P.E. in Richmond County for the last 20 years. Along with the District Curriculum, one of my main goals in P.E. is to prepare students to be physically active and healthy for a lifetime. Your child will receive P.E. a few times a week for about 45 minutes a class period. I want all students to participate so make sure your child wears a pair of sneakers on those days. The safety of the children is most important to me.

       So what are the children going to be doing in P.E.? Well, students will be doing many exciting and challenging activities. A typical P.E. class will start with calisthenics, warm-ups, stretching, and followed by a rigorous activity. Your child will be introduced to various sports and sport skills, fitness concepts, as well as leisure activities like bowling and golf to mention a couple. I never grade children on winning and losing, in fact, I down play it. In my gym, I strive to build the whole child. Your child’s esteem, confidence, and character development are at the top of my list when it comes to our PE program here at WSE. Your child will receive a grade in P.E. and that will come from a combination of quizzes, written tests, skill mastery tests, and participation. Below you will find the gym rules. The following are some general rules that I expect to be followed during PE.

    Behavior Code (GYM) Rules

    1. No fighting, bullying or horseplay (Office)

    2. No Gum or Candy in the gym

    3. No profanity or name calling

    4. Pencils, pens, or personal belongings are not to be brought to the gym. The teachers are not responsible for any items lost in the gym.

    5. Students are expected to come in quietly and sit on their spot and wait for instructions.

    6. 1 Whistle blow means “Stop, Look, and Listen” to the PE teacher

    7. Be respectful to teachers and peers


         The above rules for physical education will be explained in our class setting and individually as needed. Please go over PE rules with your child. Discipline will follow the “Code of Student Conduct and Discipline” and the “Parent/ Student Handbook”. Discipline Plan: (1) verbal warning (2) time out (3) note home to parent or guardian (signed and returned to PE the next day or the student will not be allowed to participate) (4) a parent conference and finally an office referral.

    If you have any concerns or questions about PE please let me know.   

    Coach Tobat