• During this time away from school please follow the daily schedule for PE.


        * Daily Calendar 

    March 17--Perform 10 push-ups and 10 curl-ups three times today (How many times did you was your hands today?)

    March 18--Perform 25 jumping jacks, 20 arm circles, 15 minute walk outside or walk in place. (What was your favorite game in PE? Write a short paragraph describing whats so fun about it?)

    March 19--Jog for 10 minutes, perform 12 push-ups and 12 curl-ups ( What is your favorite sport? Search the internet and learn two new skills used in that sport.)

    March 20--Perform 20 squats, 20 arm circles, 15 minute walk outside (How much water did you drink today? Search the internet and discover how much water is in the human body?)

    March 23-- Walk for 20 minutes, (Create a new game to play during PE, Don't forget to add rules!)

    March 24--Perform 15 push-ups and curl-ups three times today.

    March 25--Practice a sport skill like dribbling or catching. (How many times can you catch the ball before dropping it?)

    March 26--Search the internet and find two stretches for your legs. Practices those stretch for 10 minutes.

    March27--Teach a family member how to perform a correct push-up and challenge them to a competition. (What are some exercises we can do in a chair?)



    March 30- Walk for 25 minutes today. Listen to your favorite music as you walk. (Did listening to music as you exercise make it easier?)

    March 31- perform 20 push-ups and 20 curl-ups. Make the push-ups harder by putting your feet up on the bed or a chair. Finish by jogging in place for 10 minutes. 

    April 1- See how many push-ups you can do in 2 minutes. Take a short rest and see how many curl-ups you can do in 2 minutes. Play outside for 30 minutes if possible.

    April 2- Search the internet for kid friendly stretches. Be sure to stretch your whole body. Then look up a new dance and try to master it.

    April 3- Practice the Exercise Video 1 I posted on the Exercise video page. (Write a short essay describing how your body felt during the activity. (Think about what your heart was doing, were you sweating?, did you get thirsty? and how was your breathing?)