Monte Sano Elementary: Mission, Vision and Statement of Beliefs


     MSES Mission Statement

    The mission of Monte Sano Elementary is to provide a safe atmosphere of learning in an environment of mutual respect that promotes self-esteem, self-control and responsibility. We believe the purpose of our school is to educate all students so that they will perform to their highest potential, achieve academic excellence, technological competence, social awareness and community responsibility.


    Our Vision:

    "Every Teacher, Engaging Every Student, Every Day!"


    MSES Statement of Beliefs
    We believe:

    •all children can learn.
    •student learning is the chief priority of our school.
    •each child will develop self-discipline, a positive self-concept, respect for others and decision making skills.
    •a structured environment that is orderly and non-threatening is essential to successful learning.
    •activities will be provided that develop the child physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, artistically and ethically.
    •education must be a shared responsibility among the individual, home, school, and community.
    •parental commitment is vital to the success of the students and school.