• MSES History

    Monte Sano Elementary School, established in 1893, is one of the oldest schools in Richmond County. Monte Sano serves students in PreK-5th grade. A past recipient of the Georgia Innovative School of Excellence Grant, Monte Sano continues to serve the children of the community with an enthusiastic staff and a variety of instructional programs. In 1893, a section of Augusta called Monte Sano, “Hill of Health,” is where the original Monte Sano Elementary School was built. The following year, the school was expanded into a two-room schoolhouse for 25 students. In 1896, the first “special” department was granted the school with Miss Nannie Earle Harris giving vocal instruction to the students. In the years up to 1918, two principals, Mr. Clifford Sego and Mr. H.K. Adams left to fight in the war. In 1918 Miss Josie Bodecker came to Monte Sano as principal which continued for twenty-seven years. In March of 1924, the cornerstone was laid for the present school. The architects, Scroggs and Ewing built the present Monte Sano Elementary, at 2164 Richmond Avenue, which consisted of sixteen classrooms. In 1927, one of the teachers developed a method of teaching reading by using the stereopticon machine. Monte Sano was then recognized as a pioneer in visual education. In 1956, Monte Sano had a football team and they were the city champions for two consecutive years. In the following year, a piano, microphone, and record players were purchased. In 1959, Carl Sanders, Governor of Georgia, a Monte Sano alumnus, came to speak on “What Is the Future of Education in Georgia.” In 1964, Mrs. Mamie Boehm’s fourth grade class met President and Mrs. Eisenhower at the train station and they signed autographs for the children. Later that year, Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower paid a visit to Mrs. Boehm’s fourth grade class. In the fall of 2002, a massive renovation project took place and the entire school moved to the old Sue Reynolds School on Wrightsboro Road for two-years. Because the school was eighty–years old, many unexpected problems arose which meant a new plan and slow progress. The faculty moved back to the school in the fall of 2004. Everyone including the parents and students were just thrilled and excited to be back home. Many of our teachers have deep connections to our school. They went to school here or their parents did and they wanted to be a part of a very special, select group of educators who have as their main focus the achievement and success of their students and Monte Sano Elementary. One of our former kindergarten teachers, Coleman Graham, is the granddaughter of one of the architects, Philander Pearsall Scroggs. Our school is beautiful and we were very proud to show it off during the “Summerville Tour of Homes” October 23 and 24, 2004. We invited former students, teachers, administrators, neighbors and everyone in the community to come see it and enjoy the historical aspects of the school. A special project was planned for all who visited. All were invited to make a small donation of $10.00 to paint a tile to be hung on the foyer wall between the auditorium and the school which was named, “Our Alumni and Friends.” We also are collecting old pictures of our school and any other memorabilia that you the community would like to donate for our historic collection. The Grand Re-Opening Celebration took place on Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 10:00. The school was open for the weekend. The community was thrilled to take a “walk down history lane” at beautiful Monte Sano. We enjoyed sharing our school which was founded in 1893, and our present school built in 1924 and the magnificent renovation completed in 2004 with our Augusta community. We invite former students and teachers to contact us and come for a visit sometime soon.