• Monte Sano

    Historical Overview of Monte Sano Elementary School

    Established in 1893, Monte Sano Elementary School holds the distinction of being one of the oldest educational institutions in Richmond County. Situated in a section of Augusta known as Monte Sano, meaning "Hill of Health," the original school was constructed to serve the educational needs of the community.


    Over the years, Monte Sano Elementary has evolved and flourished, adapting to the changing educational landscape while maintaining its commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings as a two-room schoolhouse accommodating 25 students, Monte Sano has grown into a comprehensive educational facility serving students from PreK to 5th grade.


    Throughout its rich history, Monte Sano Elementary has been recognized for its innovative approach to education. In 1896, the school established its first "special" department, offering vocal instruction under the guidance of Miss Nannie Earle Harris. This commitment to excellence continued in 1927 when Monte Sano became a pioneer in visual education by incorporating the use of a stereopticon machine to enhance reading instruction.


    The school's dedication to academic and extracurricular excellence has been evident throughout its history. From its championship-winning football team in 1956 to hosting distinguished guests like Governor Carl Sanders in 1959 and President and Mrs. Eisenhower in 1964, Monte Sano has continually distinguished itself both in and out of the classroom.


    In 2002, Monte Sano embarked on a transformative renovation project, temporarily relocating to the old Sue Reynolds School while its historic campus underwent revitalization. Despite challenges and unexpected hurdles, the faculty and community rallied together, eager to preserve and enhance this beloved institution.


    The culmination of this endeavor was celebrated during the Grand Re-Opening Celebration on October 23, 2004. Former students, teachers, administrators, and members of the community gathered to commemorate Monte Sano's rich heritage and marvel at its renewed splendor. As part of the festivities, visitors were invited to contribute to the school's legacy by painting tiles for the "Our Alumni and Friends" wall, a testament to the enduring bond between Monte Sano and its community.


    Today, Monte Sano Elementary School stands as a beacon of learning, inspiring future generations to embrace knowledge, innovation, and community spirit. Former students and educators are welcomed to reconnect with their alma mater, ensuring that Monte Sano's legacy continues to thrive for years to come.